Tonk's Fics: Nojank Edition!

My Own Reality

"My Own Reality" is the fully original-fiction adaptation of Pony-Me. This is its incomplete first draft.

Rebecca Waterman thought her life was perfectly normal; a stable, steady life in a quiet suburban neighborhood, good friends and schooling... the works.

Lisa Garnet thought it was all so real. The people, the grass, everything--right down to her very identity as Rebecca. With the breaking of a single connection, however, it all comes crashing down, leaving nothing in its wake save for a rather confused girl donning a headset.

Now, the question is... should she return to her blissfully simulated life, or should she turn away, and dig up a buried past she'd once run away from?

Welp, here I am. It's 2020, I was expecting to be getting ready to head off to college, but nope, we got smacked by a pandemic, soooooo...

Yeah. Stuck at home, all my courses are online, things feel generally sucky. I'd might as well make something of it. :P